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The Writer’s Icing: Smart Revisions

I used to hate revising my writing. I really hated it.  Kind-of like cleaning up my room as a kid. It worked fine for me, so why did I need to fix it up more for other people? But then something clicked. I wrote something good, and during forced revisions by a teacher, I made it even better. I started developing the habit of revising. Over and over again. It may actually have been college that did it for me. (Who knew?!) So I developed some pragmatic systems for my writing. Notes, outlines, … More »

More Ways Male Allies Can Help Solve Tech’s Gender Equity Problem

Men are just as much a part of the #MeToo conversation as women, yet while women are feeling more confident speaking out, many men are stepping back, becoming quiet, not sure how they can best help solve the problem. As I wrote in Slate earlier this week, there is a lot men can do to be a part of the solution. In many cases with writers, we come up with more information than we can use in each article. Here on my blog, I thought I'd share the rest of what I learned. Study the Problem Read … More »

Settling Back into Screenwriting

For most of us, once we've found a craft we enjoy or a meaningful pastime, it sticks with us -- even if we haven't done anything with it in years. That was the case with me and screenwriting, a pursuit I began in college after recognizing a knack for writing dialogue while working on a short story in my first creative writing course. I started slowly, with an introductory playwriting class. We wrote one-acts. I was hooked. I was lucky (or smart) to have selected a university with a wide array … More »

Social Media and the Pervasiveness of Unfinished Thoughts

I remember someone telling me when I was a teenager that time speeds up as you get older. As I was then so impatient to graduate and move on with my life, it didn't make any sense and didn't make me feel any better, but now I look back on it and the truth in that statement. Little did I know how omnipresent social media would be in our lives -- even as I spent hours each day conversing on BBS's with friends. I had only caught a glimpse. Once blogs took hold, I took advantage of my thirst for … More »

Greatest Hits, Volume I & II

I've been looking back on my career some lately as I contemplate options for what to do next, and I realized I've had some pretty incredible opportunities. I'm always on the lookout to challenge myself in different ways, but I think it's good to look back and appreciate what you've experienced and learned along the way. So like musicians compiling their greatest hit albums, I came up with few lists of my greatest hits in my career so far. It all stemmed from an early realization I had that … More »