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Talking Tech, Digital Media & Cyber Policy

On my most recent trip to Washington, D.C., I had the pleasure of sitting down with some of the sharp team at the Center for Democracy and Technology. They were kind enough to invite me to participate in their weekly podcast, CDT Tech Talk, where we discussed my book in one of their segments. Offline, we discussed where tech policy is going next and how we're not done yet with some of the key issues that keep rearing their heads like crypto. I enjoyed talking with them and hope to have the … More »

TechWomen, Technovation & Global Women in STEM

A few years ago I started participating more in events that help educate, inspire and empower women and girls in tech not just in the US but globally. I had such an amazing experience meeting and talking with women tech entrepreneurs in Moscow for the first ever Startup Women Forum, I was hooked. So from there I went on and started giving talks in the US to young women in tech, and then to young girls in STEM. Meanwhile, I was invited to be a trainer at TechCamp Riga and mentored more young … More »

So About Tech’s Gender Gap

I had the privilege of joining a sharp, talented group of women talking about the gender gap in tech last month at Blurb HQ in San Francisco. The group, a combination of Bay Area women in tech, combined veterens in a wide range of organizations. Tom Foremski wrote about the topics discussed in ZDNet. Thanks to Thomson-Reuters, Google, AirBNB, Paypal, Blurb & others for lending us these brilliant women. The audience included mostly women in tech, plus a few men who were there as champions … More »

How Social Media Nearly Killed My Writing… And Why I’m OK With It

I was a prolific blogger for many years. I started dabbling in it in 2001, became pretty active in 2006 and kept at it until around 2010, then social media hit critical mass and suddenly my time was being split between blogging and posting on social networks. Facebook hit the mainstream around the time my daughter was born, so that played into it as well. Suddenly, my time was split into smaller chunks as a parent, and Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were there to make posting quick and easy … More »

Why I Love Science Fiction

I've loved science fiction since before I knew what a genre was. I first saw Star Wars at age four, so that was my intro to the genre. I'm sure I could barely read at the time. I always found all stories about planets, stars, space travel to be fascinating. For books, it was probably A Wrinkle in Time that put me on the path in middle school. Then my dad gave me Asimov's Foundation in 9th grade. By that time, I was solidly hooked. I didn't realize there was a gender gap in the genre until I … More »