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Amazon and the Wild World of Bestseller Lists

My book, The Digital Mystique, has now been out for a month and it has been fascinating to watch the online sales through Amazon as an author as well as a digital media strategist, techie and data geek. Now I can say legitimately that my book is a bestseller - even though it was published by a small publisher. Here's why... First, a little background: book publishing is an odd industry and the way it is integrating with digital media has created an in-the-moment ranking and extreme … More »

On Becoming an Author

On the eve of my book’s publication and introduction to the world, I thought I should write down my thoughts about the whole experience of becoming an author so I will remember them, and share them for others who seek to follow a similar path. Like many, I romanticized the idea of becoming an author since a young age. The movies I watched made it seem like such a coveted role, a magical identity attained by some kind of special force. I imagined what it would feel like to hold a book of my … More »

YouTube as the Media of Record?

I participated in FutureCast in April, hosted by Andrew Keen in Palo Alto, and the guest speaker was filmmaker Tiffany Shlain, who released her film, The Science of Character, globally that day. The discussion following the film encompassed a wide range of topics and ideas about the future of technology, but mostly it focused on the role of digital video and how it plays various roles in our lives. In this short clip, Keen highlights what a few of us said about video, including my comments on … More »

STEM and Star Wars

Today, I spent a good fifteen minutes waiting for starwars.com to load from my iPhone in a parking lot as I waited to read the big casting announcement for the first in the Disney-Lucasfilm partnership to take over Star Wars: Episode VII. Once the page finally came up on my phone, I realized that this announcement is important not just for the film series, but for future girls in STEM. Here are my thoughts: "Great Expectations for Daisy Ridley, the first Star Wars Disney Princess." … More »

Speaking of Digital

I spoke last fall at the MINK WIC 2013 conference as their closing keynote, and we just recently put together a video from that talk. The audience was young women in technology, and the event was hosted in Kansas City at The Kauffman Foundation HQ. The topic: empowerment in the digital age. I shared 10 lessons learned in 30 years of tech. Here it is, for anyone who would like to view it - Sarah Granger Keynote at MINK WIC 2013 from Sarah Granger on Vimeo. … More »