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Transitions in the Modern World

Twice a year I experience a feeling of intrinsic transition: January, the new year, and September, the new school year. This year, September came early with my book's release just before my daughter started back at school in late August, and suddenly I was thrust into another set of transitions at work and at home. Meanwhile, my husband was in the midst of interviewing with companies to change jobs, I was asked to join another startup advisory board, and I realized I needed to incorporate a new … More »

Calling All Readers

My book has now been out for two months and it's been great fun seeing people reading the book from all over the country. It has done well selling on Amazon and is in a number of different bookstores including Barnes & Noble and Powell's stores, Bay Area chains like Book Passage, Books Inc. and local bookstores. It has gotten a good amount of media buzz and some online reviews. Now I need a favor from those who have purchased and reviewed the book - please review it! If you bought the … More »

What Comes Next

After wrapping my first major launch events for my book in San Francisco and Silicon Valley and tracking the launch month for my book, I started being questioned about what I'll be doing next. The book's out now and I must have all of this free time now, right? Well not exactly. First, the book was an immense project. It took almost two years to complete. So I'm still coming out of the author fog... catching up on news that is unrelated to the topics in my book, getting back up to speed on … More »

Kindle 1 Media HNR

Amazon and the Wild World of Bestseller Lists

My book, The Digital Mystique, has now been out for a month and it has been fascinating to watch the online sales through Amazon as an author as well as a digital media strategist, techie and data geek. Now I can say legitimately that my book is a bestseller - even though it was published by a small publisher. Here's why... First, a little background: book publishing is an odd industry and the way it is integrating with digital media has created an in-the-moment ranking and extreme … More »

On Becoming an Author

On the eve of my book’s publication and introduction to the world, I thought I should write down my thoughts about the whole experience of becoming an author so I will remember them, and share them for others who seek to follow a similar path. Like many, I romanticized the idea of becoming an author since a young age. The movies I watched made it seem like such a coveted role, a magical identity attained by some kind of special force. I imagined what it would feel like to hold a book of my … More »