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Greatest Hits, Volume I & II

I've been looking back on my career some lately as I contemplate options for what to do next, and I realized I've had some pretty incredible opportunities. I'm always on the lookout to challenge myself in different ways, but I think it's good to look back and appreciate what you've experienced and learned along the way. So like musicians compiling their greatest hit albums, I came up with few lists of my greatest hits in my career so far. It all stemmed from an early realization I had that … More »

Sharpening Startup Skills Through Mentoring and Advising

I became an innovator at a young age, developing my first digital publication as a bulletin board system at age fourteen, iterated until I graduated. During college, I worked in university information technology, then after college, I joined a startup. Soon thereafter, I started my first company, working toward making money from my innovations. My career after that point has alternated between starting my own ventures and working with other companies -- mostly startups, but not all. Then a … More »

Content Matters

When I began writing professionally, it was a natural extension of the writing I was already doing for college newsletters and my own personal website in the pre-blogging world. I found my first few projects based purely in topical interest - technology. From there, my writing and editing expanded to other topics, but the vast majority of the content I developed was about tech. I had written papers and poetry published in high school, and I had written many more papers and studied playwriting … More »

Engineering the Future for Entrepreneurs

Next week, I will have the honor of visiting Penn State as a Bishoff Entrepreneur-in-Residence and participating in several of the courses they provide for students who are studying engineering entrepreneurship as a minor. It's an impressive program and these students will undoubtedly come out of it much better prepared than I was leaving college. I look forward to being a resource for them and I expect to learn a lot from the experience. As I prepare material to present to them (some … More »

Big Data, Cybersecurity & Digital Empowerment

In my career to date, I've researched or worked on pretty much every topic in information technology and digital media, from online culture to data security. Sometimes it seems like I'm shifting gears from one radically different topic to another when I speak to various media sources as an expert source, but at the foundation, it all comes from a deep and broad interest in technology -- something I expect I will always find fascinating. So in the past couple of months, I provided expertise on … More »