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Settling Back into Screenwriting

For most of us, once we've found a craft we enjoy or a meaningful pastime, it sticks with us -- even if we haven't done anything with it in years. That was the case with me and screenwriting, a pursuit I began in college after recognizing a knack for writing dialogue while working on a short story in my first creative writing course. I started slowly, with an introductory playwriting class. We wrote one-acts. I was hooked. I was lucky (or smart) to have selected a university with a wide array … More »

Social Media and the Pervasiveness of Unfinished Thoughts

I remember someone telling me when I was a teenager that time speeds up as you get older. As I was then so impatient to graduate and move on with my life, it didn't make any sense and didn't make me feel any better, but now I look back on it and the truth in that statement. Little did I know how omnipresent social media would be in our lives -- even as I spent hours each day conversing on BBS's with friends. I had only caught a glimpse. Once blogs took hold, I took advantage of my thirst for … More »

Greatest Hits, Volume I & II

I've been looking back on my career some lately as I contemplate options for what to do next, and I realized I've had some pretty incredible opportunities. I'm always on the lookout to challenge myself in different ways, but I think it's good to look back and appreciate what you've experienced and learned along the way. So like musicians compiling their greatest hit albums, I came up with few lists of my greatest hits in my career so far. It all stemmed from an early realization I had that … More »

Sharpening Startup Skills Through Mentoring and Advising

I became an innovator at a young age, developing my first digital publication as a bulletin board system at age fourteen, iterated until I graduated. During college, I worked in university information technology, then after college, I joined a startup. Soon thereafter, I started my first company, working toward making money from my innovations. My career after that point has alternated between starting my own ventures and working with other companies -- mostly startups, but not all. Then a … More »

Content Matters

When I began writing professionally, it was a natural extension of the writing I was already doing for college newsletters and my own personal website in the pre-blogging world. I found my first few projects based purely in topical interest - technology. From there, my writing and editing expanded to other topics, but the vast majority of the content I developed was about tech. I had written papers and poetry published in high school, and I had written many more papers and studied playwriting … More »