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YouTube Videos a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

I’ve figured it out. The Republicans are the ones really behind the videos like “1984”, “Obama Girl” and “I Feel Pretty” (or whatever it’s called – aka, Edwards’s hair). They purposely chose images and audio that would get stuck in our heads and cause psychological trauma in order to weaken us, and it’s working. Now every time I have a quiet moment or read an article where Barack Obama’s name is mentioned, that infernal song immediately forces itself into my mind. It’s like Voldemort to Harry Potter or the ring to Frodo – I just can’t shake the thing. So my only conclusion must be that it’s a vast right wing conspiracy. The only recourse I have is to then start singing “I Feel Pretty” and picturing Julie Andrews in my head instead of the Presidential candidates. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope. [please note sarcasm in this post. Thxkbye.]