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Women Bloggers vs. the New Boys’ Club

When I was at BlogHer recently, there was a panel about how to be taken seriously as political bloggers. When asked at the beginning of the session what we wanted to get out of it, I said something about women being taken seriously as political bloggers in general, even knowing we probably didn’t have time to really get into that. The moderator, Morra Aarons, replied in kind with something along the lines of how that could take us all day.

It seems someone from the New York Times was there. Kara Jesella put up a post a few days ago about the issue, called “Blogging’s Glass Ceiling”. Unfortunately the post was under the Fashion & Style section (part of the problem with women being taken seriously – often women’s issues are lumped in there), but nevertheless, I’m happy the topic was written about, it’s a good article, and she made some interesting points about the issue, delving farther into it than I have to date.


  1. >Good point about the Style section. A story about glass ceilings which is in itself defined by the glass ceiling of style and design, AKA the women’s section.The same thing happened in the main Canadian paper after Hillary dropped her race, a story about it was put into the LIFE section. Not the front pages. If women really want to help make change, we have to participate fully in the political conversations. The problem is of course, the B sphere is so male–like the rest of the media. I guess we have the Blogher network.I’ve just started a new citizen j- site for women and I’d love for you to post a story. womenwantanswers.com Or at least check it out. Stay tuned as next week, I”ll putting out a satire of Clinton coverage.