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What’s Next?

As this site and blog have largely been an experiment to date, I’m now working on a new plan to take it to the next level.

I have two very diverse types of traffic on this site, so it will be undergoing a transition in the next few weeks to months, depending on what I decide in terms of design and development. Also, since my posting goes in waves in terms of whether I’m blogging about politics, technology, arts or something else that particular day or hour, I’ve decided to offload some of the content so it’s better suited to encouraging return visitors and community participation.

My current thoughts are to put my consulting and writing business off onto its own site (something that is much overdue considering I help other people with their sites all the time – although I’ve discovered this is a common phenomenon that the people who know the most about the web have the least amount of time to put into their own sites). The business site will host my blog about technology, politics, startups, security and the like.

I’m going to start a new fun fashion & style blog with my friend, Beth B, so the audience that comes here to read about that (a very popular topic) can move to that site. I also still plan to contribute to the Silicon Valley Moms Blog for culture, parenting, and local posts.

sairy.com will likely remain as it is, only acting as a mini-hub to direct people to wherever they want to find the writing that most interests them (Security Focus, SV Moms Blog, my new technology blog or upcoming fashion blog). I may give it a design face lift in any case. I’ll keep you posted… some people have already expressed great ideas to me via email of how to proceed. I welcome other thoughts as well.