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What Comes Next

After wrapping my first major launch events for my book in San Francisco and Silicon Valley and tracking the launch month for my book, I started being questioned about what I’ll be doing next. The book’s out now and I must have all of this free time now, right? Well not exactly.

First, the book was an immense project. It took almost two years to complete. So I’m still coming out of the author fog… catching up on news that is unrelated to the topics in my book, getting back up to speed on other projects I had to put aside while writing and editing. Second, I’m still promoting and sharing the book. That’s why I wrote it – to help educate and inspire people – so I am not going to stop actively doing that for a while. The book has also opened some new doors for me, and I’m exploring what all of that means.

That said, I began getting organized, and put together an extensive list of what I’ve been doing in addition to the book, and what’s next. I’m sharing it here for friends and colleagues who have been asking.

Here are my current roles, in no particular order:

  • Digital Media Innovator / Entrepreneur (just incorporated Granger Media literally this week to consolidate the various digital properties I already manage including this site (sarahgranger.com), SFBayStyle (currently dormant but possibly restarting), CFTMS (see below) while it’s pre-c3, and another exciting project TBA… I may change the name at some point, but for practicality I just named it Granger Media)
  • Author (of my new book, The Digital Mystique,future books TBD, and contributed chapters to other books here)
  • Columnist (new one coming this month in The Open Standard, Mozilla’s new publication)
  • Freelance Writer (see my articles plus this blog, I’ve written for dozens of smaller blogs not listed, and I previously wrote scripts for short videos and I’ve written screenplays and stage plays, something I hope to do more of again someday)
  • Keynote Speaker & Lecturer (for conferences, companies, and academic institutions – see here – mostly on topics related to technology, like digital life, cybersecurity, and e-government, like a recent keynote for the California Leadership Forum)
  • Technology Advocate (as Founder of the Center for Technology, Media and Society, an organization I’m working on building and incorporating as a c3, occasionally as a participating member of the U.S. Public Policy Committee for ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, called USACM (I previously served on their Council), and as a Fellow at the Truman National Security Project, previously their Cybersecurity co-chair)
  • Digital Political Strategist & Trainer (this role I’m doing more in the background these days – I am semi-retired from consulting with campaigns and political organizations from my work with PublicEdge for the past decade – I needed a break but still enjoy being peripherally involved for friends who are running, candidates I believe in, and causes I think are important, like Emerge America)
  • Startup Advisor (for many years I’ve been doing this, but currently I’m advising House Actually (CrowdPrice) and Shebooks, two great companies I connected with, and I’m hoping to add one or two more companies in the next year)
  • Investor (in startups, including my first angel investment in Shebooks and future investments in syndicates and individual companies, independently, via Granger Media, and through The Angel Fund for women angel investors, as well as in real estate, mostly in Kansas via Granger Ventures and Granger Properties, two partnerships)
  • Evangelist for Women in Tech & Media (less formally but more frequently, participating in events like TED Women, Exceptional Women in Publishing, BlogHer, and TEDx Bay Area, writing about what needs to change for publications like Ms., Women 2.0, and Harvard Business Review, via social media, and on back channels via email lists helping other women – entrepreneurs, techies, social media strategists, activists, authors, journalists, bloggers, etc.)
  • Community Volunteer (with my neighborhood association, sometimes with my daughter’s school and her activities, and occasionally via the Junior League of Palo Alto / Mid-Peninsula – now I’m a Sustaining member there)
  • Philanthropist (contributing to a wide range of organizations and causes as able)
  • Social Media Maven (this was previously my role as a consultant advising businesses, organizations and individuals on social media strategy, but now I do it more on a one-on-one casual basis helping people learn the ropes and sharing interesting tips and articles online, walking the talk in my book, most often on Twitter)
  • Technophile (this is where it all began, so I continue to hold onto a fascination with technology and innovation, supporting organizations and individuals like in Kansas City’s startup community where I first grew up, and Silicon Valley organizations where I live)

It looks like a lot, and it is, but I don’t do it all at once, it comes in waves, and it all fits within the three areas of where my work intersects – technology, media and society. That’s what has fascinated me since I was a tween, and every day I continue to be filled with enthusiasm for how information technology and digital media can improve our lives and our world. So while my roles may change, shift, evolve over time, that’s my mission and I’ll keep working on it for many years to come.