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Water Tables, Wasps, Web & Warfare

I can’t keep track of everything going on, but amidst trying to order a water play table for my daughter, keep wasps (actually yellow jackets, I guess) away from her swingset, and follow news about how the Chinese are planning to attack us online (wtf?) along with all of the SVMoms’ political activity after a week in the North Woods, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

It’s all thrilling, but I get off the plane going through email on my iPhone just trying to keep up on the most urgent. Honestly I feel like I’m in the middle of a Presidential campaign again. (Yeah, I know we are, but I’m not working 100 hours a week just on that this time around… at least not right now.)

Watching how the campaigns are doing, it’s all good – Hillary is rocking in the print magazines, Edwards’ online campaign is on fire, Barack is getting the newspapers going, and I’m hearing more about Thompson and Giuliani every day (although I might add that the Elle magazine article I read on the plane about Rudy’s ways with women wasn’t all that positive.) Keep up with the tech news about the campaigns at TechPresident or Politics Online. And in terms of national security, Gary Hart has launched a new organization – the American Security Project. I’m very excited about this. I’ll blog more about it soon.

Back in the parenting world, plastics are everywhere and although the sky isn’t falling, the oceans may be. My dad gave me this frightening chapter from Alan Weisman’s book to read while I was in Minnesota. Our oceans are literally drowning in these toxic plastics everybody’s ranting about being dangerous to children and fertility, affecting our planetary water table.