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Voting Angst in Allentown

Some guy in Allentown, PA went ballistic and started smashing an electronic voting machine Tuesday… here’s my take on it:

Voting Angst
(to the tune of “Allentown”, by Billy Joel)

Well we’re voting here in Allentown
And we had to take a crazy man down
Cause he came up to a new machine,
Went kind of nuts, bashed in the screen.

Guess the man was really ready to snap,
Thought the voting booth was booby-trapped,
Took a paperweight and rammed it in,
Broke the machine. Forgot his PIN.

(But the craziness is going round…)
(And it’s getting very weird today…)
(But we’re voting here in Allentown.)

We’re just voting here in Allentown
For the Pennsylvania governor’s crown,
For the promise of some better days
If we work hard, if we behave.

Every voter had a pretty good shot
But this one machine just wasn’t so hot
When the man wigged out and broke the piece,
Poll workers freaked, called the police.
We were voting here in Allentown.


Now we’re waiting here in Allentown
And they’re closing all the voting booths down.
Out in Washington they’re doing fine,
Filling out forms, standing in line.

Well our poll workers are really fried,
Spent their day crossing off voters who’d died,
But something happened on the way there that day
To the man who held the paperweight.


…see article, “Balloting Breakdown: Pa. voter attacks machine”