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Vogue Letter & Linking Pain With Depression

According to a number of research studies, there’s a link between depression and pain. Essentially they get into a vicious cycle and as a result of the trauma to the nervous system in both cases, they effect each other. I’m no expert on this topic, but I thought it was impressive that Vogue magazine covered it in a riveting personal anecdote. So I wrote a letter to the editor that was published in this month’s (March) issue thanking them for shedding light on the subject. As a popular womens’ magazine, it’s important they feature issues like these in addition to fashion and lifestyle pieces.

While recovering from nerve trauma resulting from my daughter’s birth-delivery and previously with repetitive strain injuries, I suffered from depression. It’s no surprise that it can cause a person to be blue when s/he can’t get out and do normal activities for whatever reason, but when I learned from doctors after my recent bout about the relationship between pain and depression, it made more sense as to why it’s difficult to heal and break that cycle for many people – particularly those with chronic problems like back pain. For anyone who suffers from either chronic pain and/or depression, I recommend they learn more about the relationship between the two.