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Ergonomic Typing Tips

bcomfy.com is the result of a number of typing or repetitive strain-type
injuries — we’re hoping this site will help prevent and treat such
problems — so here’s a list of tips to remember when typing compiled
from meetings with qualified keyboard retrainers:

– Always watch your wrist position: keep them straight, not bent.
– Bounce when you type – keep it light (don’t pound on the keys!)
– Relax your shoulders.
– Take lots of stretch breaks!!!
– Try using a small mirror next to your computer to watch your
posture — it can be eye-opening.
– Don’t bend your neck if you need to look at the keys.
– Pay attention to your entire body posture — keep feet on the ground,
distribute your weight properly, keep arms at a 90 degree angle with
the keyboard.
– Try out a number of different keyboards. Use whichever feels best
for you, and it’s not a bad thing to change occasionally just wo
you work different muscles.
– Did we mention to take stretch breaks? this cannot be stressed
– Don’t type for long intervals of time, like 30 minutes to an hour.
That’s just too much for the body to handle. Even it out with other
– Most importantly, if you’re feeling any pain, see a doctor. These
tidbits are only a few little helpful hints for prevention.