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Twyla Tharp & Bob Dylan On the Stage

I read in the New Yorker that Twyla Tharp recently choreographed a new compilation of dance programs to Bob Dylan’s music in a similar fashion to what she did for Billy Joel’s music with “Movin’ Out,” called a musical but IMHO false advertising.

I’m a Billy Joel fan and a performing arts lover, and I went to see “Movin’ Out” expecting something closer to “Mamma Mia”, the musical made up of Abba songs. I was disappointed to find the complete lack of dialogue and even greater lack of plot. “Movin’ Out” would’ve been fine performed as a modern dance program but I reject that it could be called a musical. With my expectations set improperly, I kept waiting for dialogue and story. Had I known it was all dance, I would’ve come into it with a much different attitude (and I probably wouldn’t have paid as much for seats.) I enjoyed it, but not in the way I would’ve enjoyed a real musical.

Now, Tharp is doing the same thing – supposedly Dylan approached her for this – called “The Times They Are A-Changin” and it’s reportedly more like Cirque du Soleil than anything else. I’d go see it, but I’m not paying Broadway prices again for something that should be performed on a dance stage.


  1. >I am also a HUGE Billy Joel fan, but I knew what “Movin’ Out” was about when I attended opening night on Broadway in October 4 years ago – and was lucky enough to have seen the show numerous times after that.I thought the mix of Billy’s music and Twyla’s dance was amazing- it was a collaboration of two titans.Fan of Dylan’s- not so much.I enjoy reading the lyrics to his music much more than listening to him “sing.”(He sounds like a cat with post nasal drip to me.)So- I had a real good gut feeling that the Dylan-Tharpe thing wouldn’t be a hit- and I was right.It’s closing.

  2. >Wow, that was quick.