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Ergonomic Travel Tips

As a frequent traveler who’s suffered from a few different injuries, here’s a compilation of tips, mostly geared toward helping your body adjust to unusual conditions:

general travel:
– always wear good walking shoes & bring a rain jacket
– take stretch breaks
– wear comfy, breathable & easy-to-move-in clothes
– bring your own water (and food, if possible)
– don’t carry any more than you MUST
– when determining what to wear, if in doubt, err on the side of more comfort
– try those portable book lights that attach directly to the book —
they’re small and great for any form of travel

– always moisturize your face & hands before & during flights
– business class are not necessarily better – more leg room but seat
shape can be horribly non-ergo
– try doubling up on pillows to put in the small of the back for correct
lumbar support (this definitely depends on the person) – bring your own if you can
– on trips with significant time changes, make sure to start eating meals
on your new time zone — your body will adjust more quickly

– use the lack of seat assignment to your advantage – sprawl out whenever
– be early (same rule)

– take time to find the right seat adjustment & cushion
– you can add special items to your car to make life easier: pen & paper,
cup holder, gps tracker, cell phone microphone/speaker, in-dash cd…
– did I mention stretch breaks? this is particularly important when driving to keep up your awareness, especially on long trips (drinking water helps with this too, leading to more pit stops)