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Tonight’s Debate and Where to Read the Live Blog Reports

Tonight’s Democratic presidential debate on CNN was well run, and Anderson Cooper did a good job keeping the questions moving along. I’m sad they gave very little time to the issue of the environment, but I enjoyed some of the videos and curve balls. The candidates I thought did a good job responding with interesting answers as well. I had a lot of fun participating in the live blogging tonight, thanks to Morra Aarons for putting out the call to everyone in the BlogHer community. I think we had a pretty good discussion. Check it out for more about the debate content.

I was also hopping around the leading Democratic blogs while we were commenting here, and the Edwards thread was interesting, but I have to say a few of the commenters were off-base, like one that slammed Richardson on his response about the VVPATs (Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails) – he actually answered that very well. (I’ve studied e-voting issues for several years. It’s tricky getting it right, but VVPATs are the only way to go.) But the Edwards blog had the most lively discussion by far. They have a very interactive online organization.

The Obama live blog included several threads supposedly by topic, but not a lot of responses. It would’ve been better just keeping them all in one place. I commented on the Clinton blog and it came up pretty quickly considering the comment moderation (which I must add is absoltely essential on a Presidential blog). Unfortunately, I don’t think many bloggers or people involved in the Clinton campaign knew they were liveblogging there so there weren’t very many people participating. (Of course, maybe they were all in SF partying!) Check out the HillaryClinton.com blog for a post about their 30 second video contest finalist ads.

Jerome Armstrong at myDD.com had a really good post and the comments there were interesting. With over a thousand comments in the collective Daily KOS threads, of course there were some echoing what we were saying on BlogHer, but it was a lot easier to follow all of the discussion on the BlogHer site with fewer participants. All in all, it was a great way to watch the debate.