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The Bad Etiquette Droid You’re Looking For

I don’t know why I just thought of this recently, but why, I ask, was C-3PO, supposedly programmed for “etiquette and protocol” in millions of languages and cultures, so devoid of manners and etiquette himself? A bit of a snob, he was, but always interrupting people. “But Sir…” “Shut him up or shut him down,” injected Han Solo during “The Empire Strikes Back,” sick of listening to 3PO’s babbling.

Not only did he interrupt often, but he kicked his “counterpart”, sweet little R2-D2 and called him an “overweight glob of grease.” Now, I ask you, is that a polite thing to say?


  1. >Yeah, but now that you know C3-PO was built by Anakin, created by the evil Darth Plaguis’ manipulation of midichlorians, you can’t expect him to be perfect, can you?Second explanation: yeah, but where would the comic relief come from?

  2. >Undoubtedly Lucas wrote his character as comic relief, but he also had Han Solo and whiney Luke for some of that. 😉

  3. >Wouldn’t a protocol droid be inherently bad at his job? Just because he has all these things memorized doesn’t mean he’s programmed to be sensitive. Besides, it’s like he’s an out of touch, stuffy british guy who acts like a jerk while telling everyone why they are uncouth.