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Ten Ways To Tell If You’re A Geek

Here are ten ways to tell if you’re a geek. Three or more affirmatives means you are. (And in case you’re curious, these are all true examples from friends of mine.)

1) Your domain name is shorter than your first name.
2) When someone says to finger them, you find a UNIX prompt.
3) You salivate over early invites to Beta sites like Orkut, Gmail and Vox.
4) Your cat’s named after a text editor.
5) Your kid’s named after a programming language.
6) You think dressing-up means wearing socks.
7) You’ll only make the first move in a chat room.
8) You used Kozmo to deliver breakfast. At 3pm.
9) You’ve dog-eared over 18 O’Reilly books.
10) You spend more time blogging than with your significant other.


  1. >Score me for 2, 3, 6, 7 and 10!