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How Social Media Nearly Killed My Writing… And Why I’m OK With It

I was a prolific blogger for many years. I started dabbling in it in 2001, became pretty active in 2006 and kept at it until around 2010, then social media hit critical mass and suddenly my time was being split between blogging and posting on social networks. Facebook hit the mainstream around the time my […]

Social Networking How-To’s

I’ve written several articles for Digital Landing and it’s a great site for beginner tips on IT, cable, mobile and social media. Here’s a link to their social media page where there are links to articles I wrote about Twitter basics, Twitter Lists, Google Wave and more.

Top Twitter Tools List

In working on my article for Digital Landing on how to make the most of Twitter, I researched dozens of great applications. Since I couldn’t write about them all in my article there, I decided to post the list of what I looked at here, so anyone can have a look. Of course there are […]

Living on Twitter and Other Thoughts on Social Media

I’ve been living on the 140 character micro-blogging world of Twitter more than ever lately – it’s easy given my mobile lifestyle and I’ve become quite enthralled by the community and immediate nature of it all. But eventually it can become too much. Sunday night, we had the #fem2 (Fem 2.0 conference follow-up) live chat, […]

My Afternoon at the White House

Me behind the podium in the White House press briefing room today. I arrived late to the press briefing, but luckily the Press Secretary was behind schedule as well. After I settled next to the wall (where apparently CNN would catch me on TV anyway), I tweeted the press briefing. Then I spoke with press […]

Interesting Take on Twitter

TechCrunch has a great article up about “Why Twitter Hasn’t Failed,” exploring why Twitter is different in terms of distribution in feeds than facebook, FriendFeed, and other sources that produce feeds to specific audiences (vs. blogs where we don’t often know where they’re going.) In the political context, we can see that Twitter does have […]

Twitter Song @ PDF

So right before one of the sessions at PDF, they asked Mary Hodder to come up and sing a song she wrote, “If I Had a Twitter”, accompanied by Josh Levy (PDF’s outgoing Associate Editor & the new Managing Editor for Change.org) on guitar. I’ll link up a video later when they get one up, […]