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Social Media and the Pervasiveness of Unfinished Thoughts

I remember someone telling me when I was a teenager that time speeds up as you get older. As I was then so impatient to graduate and move on with my life, it didn’t make any sense and didn’t make me feel any better, but now I look back on it and the truth in […]

E-mail Etiquette – Are We Doomed to Failure?

Modern electronic mail can be both an exceptional gift and an incredible curse in what we’re allowed to do and how we’re expected to respond. In my latest post on the new e-publishing platform, Medium, I write about my long-term relationship with electronic messaging: For the Love-Hate of E-mail.

Using social media while grieving

Today I put up a post at SFGate about what I went through online while grieving the first month following my dad’s death. It’s called “Stages of Grieving Online.” I took the commonly used stages of dealing with grief and transported it to the online experience I had. I hope it is helpful to people.

Social media in political campaigns

I could write volumes about social media use in campaigns, but I put up a post at SFGate that explains where we are now, esp. in respect to local and statewide races for the 2010 election.

Social media for breaking gender barriers in government

One of the things I’ve tried to do with this blog – since it’s a casual one – is make a lot of useful lists for people. I’ve written some of those at other places as well, and put tips in other locations, but most of my notes, lists, tips tend to end up here. […]

New media revenue models

At today’s Women in Periodical Publishing annual Women’s Leadership Conference, many of the sessions focused on the future of media and how to make money off the media (i.e. how to stay alive, adapt and thrive). Since the speakers were so kind to share what they have learned from their research and experience, I compiled […]

Social Networking How-To’s

I’ve written several articles for Digital Landing and it’s a great site for beginner tips on IT, cable, mobile and social media. Here’s a link to their social media page where there are links to articles I wrote about Twitter basics, Twitter Lists, Google Wave and more.

The DNCC & Netroots: They’re Beginning to Get It

The Democratic National Convention was full of phenomenal events geared toward delegates, staffers, activists, volunteers, supporters, traditional media and bloggers. Seeing everyone in one place together, moving from venue to venue, and sitting in on a wide range of panels that referenced the role of technology and new media in campaigns, it became apparent that […]