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Live-blogging Mentioned on Daily KOS

Tracy Russo (aka Tracy Joan) posted an incredibly detailed account yesterday of the Silicon Valley Moms’ meeting with Elizabeth Edwards, “Have you heard about Elizabeth Edwards and the Mommy Bloggers?” on the JohnEdwards’08 Blog and cross-posted it at Daily KOS. Guess those speed typing drills in junior high school were good for something after all […]

Connecting With Elizabeth Edwards

The Silicon Valley Moms Blog and sister sites (via conference call) Chicago Moms Blog and DC Metro Moms Blog had a unique opportunity to meet with Elizabeth Edwards in San Jose yesterday. As I’ve been contributing to the blog now for over a year, this was my second chance to meet with this remarkable woman, […]

Liveblogging SVMoms Meeting Elizabeth Edwards Today

Today, I had the opportunity, along with the Silicon Valley Moms, to meet with Elizabeth Edwards again, wife of presidential candidate, John Edwards. Last fall we met with Mrs. Edwards and we all really enjoyed that experience, so we worked hard to make it happen again. This time, we decided to live blog the meeting […]

SVMoms, Politics, “Good Morning America” and Child Rearing

It’s really late here and I’ve had a long day out, but I wanted to remark about some happenings… I write often about politics both here and on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. Today, ABC’s “Good Morning America”, where I was interviewed last fall about Internet privacy, covered a post by one of the other […]

Women and Flexible Work Options

I just wrote a long post on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog about the recent series of articles in The Mercury News by columnist Sue Hutchison, discussing various issues relating to work for today’s parents. (It focuses on the moms, but to be fair, these issues relate to dads too.) I was quoted in two […]