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How Social Media Nearly Killed My Writing… And Why I’m OK With It

I was a prolific blogger for many years. I started dabbling in it in 2001, became pretty active in 2006 and kept at it until around 2010, then social media hit critical mass and suddenly my time was being split between blogging and posting on social networks. Facebook hit the mainstream around the time my […]

Facebook Birthdays

Today’s my birthday, and everyone knows it thanks to Facebook. But I’m OK with that because I have come to look forward to the birthday greetings once a year, particularly after my dad’s death. It’s been nice to know friends are nearby, sending kind notes and messages. The Causes app is also great – I […]

Using social media while grieving

Today I put up a post at SFGate about what I went through online while grieving the first month following my dad’s death. It’s called “Stages of Grieving Online.” I took the commonly used stages of dealing with grief and transported it to the online experience I had. I hope it is helpful to people.

What Beatles Song Describes You? Mine is “Hey Jude”

facebook has a multitude of fabulous and silly apps designed to suck up all of your time and keep you up way too late… tonight’s culprit is the “Which Beatles Song Describes Your Life Right Now?” app, which doesn’t necessarily describe you at that exact moment, but it gives a pseudo-personality assessment with a musical […]