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E-mail Etiquette – Are We Doomed to Failure?

Modern electronic mail can be both an exceptional gift and an incredible curse in what we’re allowed to do and how we’re expected to respond. In my latest post on the new e-publishing platform, Medium, I write about my long-term relationship with electronic messaging: For the Love-Hate of E-mail.

Using social media while grieving

Today I put up a post at SFGate about what I went through online while grieving the first month following my dad’s death. It’s called “Stages of Grieving Online.” I took the commonly used stages of dealing with grief and transported it to the online experience I had. I hope it is helpful to people.

Spam Turned 30 Today

From the Interesting People List – Dave Farber sent out this clip from ABC News (where he was interviewed) re: today being the 30th anniversary of the sending of the first spam email. Here is the link. It’s amusing. —- http://www.sairy.com/ ….. by Sarah Granger

E-Mail Security Flap in Nevada Governor’s Office

This is classic… according to Declan McCullagh of the Politech mailing list & CNET News, someone in the Nevada governor’s office I’ll only assume accidentally posted the password to the official Governor’s email list and Outlook account password on the gubernatorial web site via a MS Word document that instructed aides on how to send […]