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How Social Media Nearly Killed My Writing… And Why I’m OK With It

I was a prolific blogger for many years. I started dabbling in it in 2001, became pretty active in 2006 and kept at it until around 2010, then social media hit critical mass and suddenly my time was being split between blogging and posting on social networks. Facebook hit the mainstream around the time my […]

Some Musings, After 10 Years of Blogging

I’ve missed blogging. Writing my first book has been taking most of my writing time and energy the past year and now that I’m almost done, I can truly say it’s been an amazing experience, but I miss blogging. Real blogging. Not microblogging like what we do on Facebook or Twitter. Not long feature articles, […]

Microsoft Office Winter Games Contest Semi-Finals Report

I came, I blogged, I tweeted, I e-mailed, I Facebooked (no, that’s not a real verb although people are using it way too much these days) and put up requests on a range of lists and other sites for the past 13 days in an attempt to win two coveted trips to blog at the […]

Blogging the Democratic National Convention This Week

Thanks to the MOMocrats for initiating this great project… I’m going to Denver today, covering the Democratic National Convention for several online publications (mostly blogs) including: Sairy BlogHer MOMocrats Obama HQ Blog WomenCount Blog FutureCampaigns Blog Silicon Valley Moms Blog Huffington Post – Off the Bus The Political Voices of Women I’ll be spending time […]

Women Bloggers vs. the New Boys’ Club

When I was at BlogHer recently, there was a panel about how to be taken seriously as political bloggers. When asked at the beginning of the session what we wanted to get out of it, I said something about women being taken seriously as political bloggers in general, even knowing we probably didn’t have time […]