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Tag Team Cocktails

Thanks to Beth Blecherman for tagging me in the Virtual Cocktail Party along with other SV Moms. (This is cross-posted.)

Five things about me that no readers, let alone most of my friends, would know…

– In a former life (aka college), I taught courses on etiquette and modeling. Yes, it was a far cry from the t-shirt and jeans wardrobe I adopted a few years later as a post-grad sysadmin in Silicon Valley, but I learned some valuable skills that come in handy at cocktail parties!
– Chick lit is my literary weakness. I gulp it down like water in a desert – cheezy, shallow characters and all. Some day I hope to publish my own chick lit novel.
– I was offered a part as an extra in Robert Altman’s film, “Kansas City”, which I turned down because they wanted me to cut my hair to a period cut and I was getting married the following month. The marriage was almost as short-lived as the film, but I’m still bummed I missed out on that opportunity being a Kansas City girl who loves jazz. (At the time I didn’t know the movie was “Kansas City”; I figured that out later.)
– My favorite view is of a starlit night.
– Instead of attending my high school prom, I went to a Queensryche concert with 11 of my best guy friends. We had floor seats and my view of Geoff Tate’s gorgeous physique in leather pants was much better than what I would’ve had of my then-boyfriend in a cheap rent-a-tux.

From those not yet tagged (to my knowledge), I choose five people who have helped me out either with my blog or another area of my life in the past year: Maria Piccininni Ross, who incited me to get off my butt and launch my own blog, Cory Doctorow, who gave me some sage blogging advice when I first started it, Ed Vielmetti, who wrote some nice things about my blog and helped promote it to his friends, Alix Mayer, who provided me with resources to turn things around after several challenging months, and Elizabeth Edwards, who inspired me in numerous ways through her book and our meeting with her.

Now for a tequila shot…


  1. >I received 1 comment on my crosspost of this.Here’s Ed’s post. I believe Alix is working on hers…

  2. >You were married once before? My head asplode.

  3. >Ooh, somebody read the fine print. 😉 Yup. Rebound relationship. I’ll tell that story offline sometime.