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SVMoms, Politics, “Good Morning America” and Child Rearing

It’s really late here and I’ve had a long day out, but I wanted to remark about some happenings… I write often about politics both here and on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. Today, ABC’s “Good Morning America”, where I was interviewed last fall about Internet privacy, covered a post by one of the other SV Moms, Rebecca Eisenberg. Rebecca wrote a post giving her own opinion about what the New York Times said about candidates taking their kids on the campaign trail and gave her opinion on the matter. I commented on Rebecca’s initial post so I won’t repeat what I wrote there, but I was trying to bring out points others didn’t make.

The comments in general proceeded on a level still quite tame compared to most political blogs aka “you’re wrong, but not totally”, back and forth, which spurred Rebecca to consider her original post, make some changes, and then write a follow-up post about it. On “Good Morning America”, Cokie Roberts spoke about the reality that a lot of candidates have young children and they each have to make decisions about taking them on the campaign trail. I think that’s the reality of modern campaigning. Each candidate has to make a decision what’s best for his or her child(ren) as it applies, and if what they try first doesn’t work so well, then they readjust. I’m fascinated by this discussion because it’s so important to many parents (and voters). Follow the discussion at the SVMoms Blog.