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Silicon Valley Moms in PA Weekly

The Silicon Valley Moms Blog is featured in yesterday’s Palo Alto Weekly –
“Living in a bloggers’ world”. It’s a good article about some of the local bloggers – mostly VentureBlog. I’m in the group photo but I’m not mentioned in the article, and the photo wasn’t printed in the print version. It’s a long story – literally – which is why I guess they didn’t print the photo there.

I now have my own column on the SV Moms Blog – My SV Life: Sarah. Latest posts include: “This is Not Wisteria Lane”, “Tales from Voicemail Hell”, “Dumb Smart Homes” and “The Politics of Parenting”. Check it out and let me know what you think.


  1. >Hi Sarah.Our picture is NOW in the online article – which I posted on SV Moms Blog a few hours ago! It is so wonderful having you contribute to SV Moms Blog!!Jill

  2. >Thanks Jill. Seen & linked. 🙂