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SF Opera Fete & SF Bay Style

I’m not publicizing this too much yet because it’s still a work in progress (no top bar design, no metrics, no feeds as of yet) but a few friends and I are putting together a new web site – SF Bay Style – sfbaystyle.com – that will encompass all aspects of stylish living in the Bay Area. This means we’ll write about topics like eco fashion, stylish events, fabulous interiors and luxury hotels but we’ll also cover stylish but inexpensive places to dine, where to get great deals on clothes locally, how to put together great looks without much time, and anything else that the market defines. We’re trying to have fun with it and we’re still learning and deciding how to frame i, so we’re open to ideas and feedback.

I’ve put up a few posts on the site that are republished from here and SVMoms just to get the flavor going, but the first post that’s new is one I wrote about Tuesday’s San Francisco Opera Designer Fete – a fashion show put together annually by the San Francisco Opera Guild. I also included a couple of fun photos from the event. Let me know what you think.