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Seeking Women to Run for Office

The following is excerpted from something that was sent to me through Emerge America, a national women’s Democratic political leadership training program):

“Can you think of a “PTA mom” who should run for school board? A community leader who should run for city council? A businesswoman who should run for the legislature? Introducing the She Should Run campaign, a brand new project of the Women’s Campaign Forum, aimed at gathering the nominations of 1,000 pro-choice women to run for public office… ”

Do you know a pro-choice woman who should run for office? Tell her that she should run:

“Women don’t need to be career politicians to be qualified to hold political office. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was a small business owner before she ran for state representative. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney was a teacher and school administrator before she ran for New York City Council. And Congresswoman Gwen Moore was a Milwaukee AmeriCorps *VISTA volunteer before running for state assembly. These women ran because they were leaders in their communities – and somebody encouraged them to reach even higher. We all know someone who should run for office. It could be your mother. Your sister. Your co-worker. Your neighbor. Your friend.”

Local? Ask me questions about Emerge California as well. It’s a great program.