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Sebelius is Ready for DC and Coming to SF

As I wrote at MOMocrats today, I’m a big fan and supporter of Kathleen Sebelius. I may have mentioned that on this blog before as well. Essentially she took on a tough job as governor of Kansas – she’s a woman Democrat in a state traditionally governed by Republican white guys. Mostly anyway. Now she may be our next best hope for breaking the glass ceiling if Hillary Clinton can’t get the nomination. Kathleen Sebelius is on Obama’s short list for a VP running mate. And she’s a seasoned executive leader with a great record. So I’m excited to meet her tomorrow night in SF for an event where she’ll be speaking. I’ll be writing about that in the next couple of days.

There’s an interesting article by Ben Adler on Politico.com about the women who might be good VP options for Obama.


  1. >I hope beyond hope that Kathleen Sebelius becomes Obama’s running mate. That there would be a true powerhouse ticket, IMHO.