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Sarah Granger has written feature length and short scripts for film, TV, digital and stage. She recently began pitching some of her screenplays. Contact Sarah for loglines, one-sheets, or synopses of her projects.

Genres: grounded science fiction, YA fantasy, political thriller, romantic comedy, family drama, romantic dramedy, thoughtful drama, biopic, true story.

Produced Works –

Invasion of Cyberspace – grounded science fiction stage play

In near future London, Guen, an indispensable biotech expert is infected with a virus in her implanted neural processor. It will kill her within 24 hours if she doesn’t give important trade secrets to underground boss. She turns to her ex, Kaz, and his team of expert hackers who work to save her life before it’s too late.

California Legacy Trails –  digital video shorts (uncredited)

Introduction to virtual video tour within The California Museum, presented by Dina Eastwood.

Screenplays in Development –

TBA – feature biopic

A true story based in the 1950s.

The Conference – feature romantic comedy

A pair of twenty-something New Yorker coworkers travel to New Orleans for a conference. Little do they know, all hell is about to break loose between their crusty colleague and his ex, and their own blossoming romance suddenly gets complicated.

Waiting Room – feature family drama

For a school project, ten year-old Lisa decides to interview seniors in the nursing home where her grandmother lives. Through the weeks they spend together, she learns about life, death, the raw realities of caregiving, and the hope of reinvention.