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Save the Environment This Week & Wildlife Next Week

I didn’t intend for my blog to turn into a chronicle of non profit events, but since that’s one of the things I spend the most time on, I hear about a lot of wonderful opportunities to give to organizations in need so for now, until I move philanthropic activities to another site, here’s another great event:

In Palo Alto, Wildlife Rescue, Inc. is having a “Wildlife Rescue Day” at Mitchell Park at 3800 Middlefield Rd. on May 5th from 11am-4pm. They’ll take cash donations, gift cards (great idea), unscented paper towels and tp, cottonballs & q-tips, wheat germ, unopened jars of baby food, liquid hand soap, plastic garbage bags and pet carriers. Check out wildliferescue.ws – they will be receiving a lot of orphans as spring gets into full gear with all of the new baby animals. Non-locals can contribute too.


  1. >Dear Sarah,You are really good at critics, but before maybe you should hear and know the all story about how this events was organized, and maybe after talk about it

  2. >I’m a little confused as to which event you’re referring to and whether you would like me to talk about the event itself, the planning of the event, or multiple events. Feel free to email me also if you like – sairy[at]sairy[dot]com.I’m just attempting to get information out about events that are happening for the benefit of those who might be interested in attending. Any events I critique are from the standpoint of someone who has planned a lot of events in the past. My opinion is that every event that’s run for a non profit is a good thing as long as the proceeds go to a worthy cause.