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Recent Writing

For a writer, there’s nothing like that first time you see your own byline. I’ve had that opportunity online and in print magazines, but I had yet to see it in a book until recently. One of my articles, “Social Engineering Fundamentals,” has attracted a lot of attention over the past few years and an editor in India asked to publish it in a new book – Ethical Hacking – An Introduction. Mine is the third article, part one of the series – “Hacker Tactics.” Here’s one place you can buy it – Bagchee.com. It doesn’t affect my pocketbook, but it’s a good compilation. Mostly, it’s a great motivator to get me back to work on my book proposal. 😉

A few months ago, while still in the postpardum haze, I wrote a followup piece for Security Focus – “Social Engineering Reloaded” – to continue where I left off in the original series. It was fun revisiting the topic, particularly in light of how much has changed during that time.

As of yesterday, I’m now blogging for the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. My first post, Apple’s Next Generation Challenge, looks at why Apple Computer doesn’t have an educational discount for kids before college. The SV Moms Blog is a really interesting collection of women and I’m proud to be associated with them.

I’ve updated dotblog with Julia’s URL and a photo so people at the March of Dimes’ ShareYourStory.org, who were following the latter days of my pregnancy can see how well she is doing. I may begin using that blog again as a place to vent my frustrations about recovering, rather than posting that here. For anyone facing preterm labor and preemie problems, ShareYourStory.org is a comforting community.


  1. >If you don’t know it already, you’ll like the band Barcelona’s single “Social Engineering”. Here’s the link at last.fm.Their label had it for free downloadfor a while.

  2. >SarahI followed a link from Ed to read your new blog, and wow, small world connections (I wrote this comment once, but I think I lost it. Feel free to delete semi duplicate). I was reading and discovered you are a new mom and that you are a Share Your Story community member. I have been working with Share/MoD since Jan 05 and until I turned over the reins to the fabulus MoD staffer, James SooHoo, I was the community host! Share is very near and dear to my heart.I clicked and read your Dot Blog. So happy you have a beautiful healthy baby (full term! Wow, wonderful) and am sending beams that the post partum pain/energy issues are quickly reconciled. Glad you see you blogging!Nancy

  3. >Ed – I love the song – not too complex on the lyrics, but highly amusing and it definitely fits with my nostalgia kick. 😉