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Recent thoughts on open government and cybersecurity

The two biggest issue areas in IT policy that I’ve been working on the past few years include open government and cybersecurity. While they may sound like they’re in opposition, that’s not really the case. It is possible to have smart security and open government. Not everything can be open, not everything can be secured. The devil’s in the details.

Here’s a video of me talking about open government to the California Democratic Party’s Science & Technology Summit a few months ago: http://qik.com/swfs/qikPlayer5.swf

And on the cybersecurity side, I’ve been speaking on a lot of panels and providing training sessions trying to provide a framework where non-technical policy advisors and politicos can better understand the issues and proposed legislation.

This week I’ll be speaking at Netroots Nation on a panel entitled “Cyberwar: Wikileaks, Stuxnet, and the Proactive Progressive Response.” Last month, I spoke at the Truman National Security Project annual conference. Tomorrow I will be on WWL Radio’s “Think Tank” show for a few minutes talking about recent cyber attacks (Citibank, Lockheed, RSA, IMF, Sony, the Senate… the list keeps growing).