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Recent Posts on SVMoms Blog & SFBayStyle

FWIW, I’ve been writing a lot of posts other places in the past couple of weeks. Here’s a sampling:

    On SFBayStyle…

  • Closet Obsession – My husband may be one of the few metrosexual males who groked this post but it covers why I find closets fascinating.
  • Fall/Winter 2007 Fashion Trends List – Published each season, my list covers all that I’ve read and viewed in magazines and online about the coming season’s fashion trends.
  • Wilkes Bashford & SF Symphony Present Fashion Show – I attended a fashion show last week for the SF Symphony and a local high-end retailer that was a lot of fun. Includes photos.
  • On the Silicon Valley Moms Blog…

  • The Dreaded Daycare Dilemma – For those of you not from the Bay Area, you may not understand how hard it is to get kids into pre-school here but I had to get my daughter on a list when I was pregnant to get a spot just now for the coming fall; however, the decision wasn’t so easy so I enlisted the help of my fellow mommybloggers while making the decision.
  • Four Inspirational Moms on Perserverence – About a book co-written by 4 women, including former California Senator Jackie Speier, this tells a little about my experience with Jackie and what her book covers.
  • Confessions of a Sugarholic… – A new shop opened in Menlo Park, the “Sugar Shack” and this post chronicles my own battles with sugar (it always wins) and how I feel about this exciting new business.
  • Great Summer Reading – A book review of Momzillas, new well-written, hilarious chick lit.