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Philanthropy & SFBayStyle

I have a lot to post on this blog, but it may be a few days… I’m working on getting a couple of collaborative sites rolling. I’ve mentioned SFBayStyle.com before – it’s really growing now. We’re adding writers and events. We have a whole lot of nonprofit philanthropic events we’ll be covering in the next few months. And we’re working the eco angle as well, so environmentalists, stay tuned for that.

I’ve moved my art, music, fashion and philanthropic posts that are unrelated to tech over to SFBayStyle because it seemed to be a better fit, so Sairy.com will continue to house the old posts, but it’s now really going to focus on what the tagline says – tech, politics (candidates & policy), philanthropy (nonprofits & causes) and culture that relates to those things… the original plan for this blog. That way since many people are only interested in one vs. the other & not both, they won’t have to weed through whichever doesn’t interest them in order to find what does.

I’ll post later this week or next about the other launch I’m working on…