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PDF & New York

Last time I was in New York was for a totally different purpose during totally different weather, so it’s nice to come in the summer with a mission and lots of people to see. I’m having a great time so far at PDF – too good a time, in fact. I’ve gotten barely any sleep this week what with preparing for the trip, a sick tot at home, and then just wanting to follow-up on so much while I’m here.

The first day panels were really interesting and I got a lot out of them that I’m blogging about in other places (The Huffington Post, MOMocrats/the Silicon Valley Moms Blog), so I don’t need to go into that here, but what I’ve gained outside the conference hall itself is building relationships and seeing people I know feel the same way I do about technology and its role in politics, policy and governance. These people don’t downplay how it can and can’t be used and they’re all brilliant.

So on to day two, and hopefully a little bit of sleep…