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Newsweek poll shows all Dems ahead

Each of the respective campaigns will be spinning this however they can, but the news is that the latest Newsweek poll has all 3 top Democratic presidential contenders beating out all 3 top Republican contenders. Margins differ of course, but the top match-up is Yankees v. Mets… Clinton edges out Giuliani (whose name hopefully I’ll be able to spell without looking it up every time I post before the primaries are over), the current most likely scenario.

However, before everybody on the left coast starts celebrating, let me remind the stats obsessed out there that polls are just, well, polls. They are essentially meaningless and although there’s a lot of weight put on them, the prevailing wind can always change and for those of you who think just because Bush is in trouble that the Dems have it “in the bag”, that’s not necessarily the case. The Republicans always have their trusty dirty tricks hat from whence cometh various kinds of rabbits. My money is on them pulling Bin Laden out of some hole a la Saddam Hussein come September of next year, although it’s just as likely the guy and his dialysis machine have both been gathering dust since before the twin towers came down… but hey, if they can preserve Lenin’s body for this long in Red Square for millions of tourists, they can preserve Bin Laden’s in a cave. I digress..

There’s a Democratic forum on TV Thursday evening (live on PBS and then replayed later on local networks). I haven’t heard much from the other campaigns on their plans, but there are Hillary Clinton house parties taking place around the country. Check her web site for more info on the closest one to you if you are interested in learning more. I haven’t had time to do as much research on all of the Democratic contenders as I would like, but Hillary is my front runner based on her experience. There are a lot of things I like about Edwards, Obama and Richardson and I would proudly vote for any of them in the general election. And I don’t dislike all of the Republicans (although I won’t vote for any of them since they have each disappointed me in at least one way or another.)

I’ll review the online campaigns again soon… Clinton’s been doing some interesting stuff as have Edwards and Obama.