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New Environmental Activism Social Network eRedux

This is in just-launched mode, but it’s worth a look – eRedux – “neighborhood-level social networking about the environment.” It doesn’t necessarily offer any features we haven’t seen before in other places, but it’s all targeted to local and environmental concepts.

For example, the front page currently shows a cool carbon footprint map by state, illustrating how population drives pollution. The site is primarily zip code based, and it has links to air quality and emissions, local farmers’ markets, political contributions, lowest gas prices and more cool “green web tools.” It also lists a green events calendar and a local map that I’m assuming will have more features in the future. They should be allowing local submissions of environment-related articles soon as well.

As a former city-level environmental commissioner and a local eco-activist, I think this site could really be of use to local groups like we have working in Menlo Park and Atherton. It would be nice to have one online hub for activities.