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Ergonomic Mouse Usage Tips

Much of the information in this article is similar to that in the
typing tips article. The theory is the same: don’t use any device
for too long a time and always always take breaks!

– The key to comfy, healthy mouse use is to try a variety of pointing
devices. We recommend Logitech’s big mice & trackballs and
Wacom tablets.

– In addition to trying multiple devices, use multiple devices at
the same time — have 2 or 3 connected to your computer and switch
between them. Variety is the key to reducing the chance of injury.

– Did we mention to take stretch breaks? This cannot be stressed

– Don’t type for long intervals of time, like 30 minutes to an hour.
That’s just too much for the body to handle. Even it out with other

– Most importantly, if you’re feeling any pain, see a doctor. These
tidbits are only a few little helpful hints for prevention. For
links to well-recommended doctors, see the bcomfy resources page.