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Mother Jones on Digital Democracy

Thanks to Farber’s IP list, I learned of this collection of articles and interviews on “Digital Democracy” in Mother Jones magazine, online. It takes into account where we were in the last election, what kind of progress we’ve made, and where we’re really going now – arguing that MySpace isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked-up to be in terms of motivating communities to act in a political sense but also introducing other areas that are making waves online. (And I have to say I love some of the article titles like “10,000 Deaniacs: Where are they now?”)

I haven’t had time to read it all yet, but the one comment I have so far is they only mention two women from what I’ve seen – Esther Dyson and Morra Aarons. Both worthy of noting, to be sure, but there are more of us in this space – consultants, bloggers, techies, entrepreneurs, lawyers – with expertise, like Joan Blades, co-founder of MoveOn and MomsRising.org, Jennifer Granick & Lauren Gelman at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, and Madeline Stanionis of Watershed just to name a few here in the Bay Area. See also: Shesource.org for other resources. I’d like to see more women interviewed in general on this topic.


  1. >Wow Sarah- this is the first (and only, I’m sure) time I will be mentioned in the same sentence as Esther Dyson!Morra

  2. >You never know. 😉 Permalink’s fixed, fwiw.

  3. >Clara Jeffery, Editor of Mother Jones here:I just put this on Morra’s blog as well but as you’ll see when you finish reading our package—and thanks for doing so—we actually interviewed other women than morra and esther. We along with Morra and Esther, we ran full transcripts of Julie Barko Germany of the Institute For Politics, Democracy & The Internet and Jane Hamsheraka Firedoglake.We also tried to interview Ariana and some other prominent female digerati who didn’t take us up on it. Plus there are some women quoted throughout the full package that were sources on particular subjects, rather than more general interviews.But one of the reasons we loved what Morra had to say was that she nailed the problem.

  4. >Sorry for double posting. Should have also said that I’m in a really long exchange about diversity—on many fronts—at MoJo and elsewhere in the media over here.http://www.bivingsreport.com/2007/mother-jones-questions-open-source-politics/#comments

  5. >Thank you Clara. I appreciate your comments and your work.

  6. >One more note – my apologies for any discrepancies or misspellings in this post – I’ve had some editing issues this week with blogger & safari but I think the post is finally correct.

  7. >Now that I’ve finally finished reading all of the articles and interviews, I can say I really enjoyed the entire collection. Highly recommended.