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Missing Cable Coop

I just moved, so I apologize for the lack of posts this week but it’s been crazy. (See my “Stuck in Contractor Hell” post on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog from a couple weeks ago.)

In any case, we’re finally in the house and I am using CAT5 in the wall that works! Cable modem’s hooked-up and running. I downloaded a 57MB file in 30 seconds yesterday. Whooee! But the process of getting Comcast here and getting everything working left a little to be desired… I miss the days of the Palo Alto Cable Coop. Not that I could get their service in Menlo Park anyway but still, it was nice to have a local provider. We haven’t hooked-up Tivo yet; we’ll see how that goes. I have to be able to get through the boxes to the jack first.