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Mac Mail Convert

I’m in love. With my new mail program. OK, so it’s not really a new mail program but it’s new for me. Being still a Pine junkie I had been viewing and downloading enclosures with Thunderbird, which had some really irritating bugs.

Finally I gave up and tried the MacOSX Mail program and I am happier than I ever expected to be with any mailer. It’s sleek, efficient, it does a decent job with spam, and graphics look great. I’m all over the efficiency thing though – that’s the mail selling point for me. So there it is. I’m a complete Mac convert. Every application that comes with Mac OSX (or nearly) I now use. Happy customer.

Apple.com has a “sneak peek” of the new Leopard Mail program.


  1. >P.S. After several occasions of using the search feature, I can say it is excellent.