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Late Night Amusement – Russian Spam

I get the best Russian spam late at night these days – somehow it’s evading both of my spam filters – but instead of deleting it, I’m using it as a chance to brush up on my reading in Russian. And the messages are a great combination of really basic words that I know, complex words that I’m able to discern meaning from given a basic understanding of spam, and cognates, which are always fun.

Yeah, so I have better things to do with my time and reading short stories or Russian newspapers would probably be better training, but this way I get a little every day to keep those neurons active in preparation for Sochi 2014. If you are interested in any great Russian spam, just drop me a line – I’d be happy to forward…


  1. >hi.. nice to know you.. maybe i want some.. but not to much .. just want to know :Dregard,