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It’s Never Too Late To Hate Microsoft

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the Microsoft Office “updates” now take up more space than an entire hard drive did 15 years ago, and their product really hasn’t improved?

I know this isn’t new or news but I was installing the 57.3 MB update today that ostensibly repairs security holes and patches the kludgy mess of software that they’ve paid thousands of people to develop over the past several years and that they now charge upwards of $400 for (I got it free) and I recalled that my first hard drive was actually 40MB that I got in 1990. At the time, I was using a great word processor on the Amiga that had nearly all of the features that MSWord has now, and it took up slightly over 1MB of space.

I never understood how Microsoft turned all of their products into such beasts, I never understood their protection of the code or their lack of attention to security, and I still don’t understand it. But I had let myself start to try and believe the company wasn’t so evil because I have a good friend who works there (I’ve heard employees are treated well) and because of the Bill & Menlinda Gates Foundation’s work around the world.

Then I heard a story the other night from a woman who knew Bill Gates and it made my stomach turn. So here I am again, with very little that’s positive to say about Microsoft. Why do I use their software, you might ask? Just because it’s the standard. And I suppose I’m somewhat masochistic. Or possibly because everybody needs something to complain about that’s really not so important in the scheme of things and kludgy word processors fit that category.


  1. >So what’s the story from the woman who knew Bill G?

  2. >Actually I heard two stories about him – one from an ex-employee and one from an ex-girlfriend. Neither were positive and I’m not sure I’m at liberty to divulge either. But let’s just say he’s not a great manager and wasn’t a the best boyfriend in their eyes.

  3. >Well, he is a Type-Geek personality. I was a manager for a while and not wholly well-liked (better than a stuffed shirt they got after me though) and my wife can tell you many of my faults! 🙂

  4. >I can understand that. My reasons for disliking Microsoft really aren’t about Bill Gates for the most part. I’ve never met the man. They are about the business practices that shut out so many companies in the 90’s with practices I considered unethical. And I believe that the buck stops with the CEO, as legally it tends to do. So since he was in that role then, he was responsible. He made a smart choice hiring someone else to take on that role later.

  5. >Perhaps I should also note that I use the word “hate” in the subject loosely – it’s meant in a light-hearted way here. I don’t truly hate any companies or people. I get upset by things they do, but I always try to see both sides of the coin. The things I really, actually hate are things like animal cruelty, deforestation, littering, racism, torture, starvation…