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Iowa Caucuses and the Zone Diet

40/30/30 is how the Zone Diet reads – 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein. That’s how the Iowa caucus results came across for the Democrats. 38% for Obama, the sugars – what brightens our eyes, what gives us energy and motivates us. 30% for Edwards, the fats – buttering us up, telling us what we want to hear about change. 29% for Clinton, the proteins – for substance, strength and stability.

The truth is we need all of these things. Every diet is different and you can agree or disagree with them, but the Zone Diet immediately came to my mind when I saw the results tonight from the caucuses because the Zone Diet prescribes the ratio of 40:30:30 to keep the human body working. Iowans showed us tonight that they want a mix too.

Whomever will win the Democratic nomination (and from my POV, hopefully the general election) needs to come across with some sugar – inspiring speeches, some fat – issue substance, and some protein – concrete plans for how to achieve the change so craved by the majority of American voters. (I’m just projecting here based on polling, turnout thus far, and the current administration approval level.) I know it sounds silly comparing politics to dieting, but our country has been yo-yo’ing for a while now and we need to stop.

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  1. >Sarah,This is a great analogy – thanks for sharing it with us. I”m still shocked that Obama won in Iowa, maybe it’s the midwest sphere of influence?

  2. >brilliant analogy!