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Internet Archive Wins Settlement with FBI

From the Chronicle, the Internet Archive recently won a settlement with the FBI about a “national security letter” i.e. government request for private information that was sent to them demanding they turn over data that they probably don’t even have. The Archive, legally considered an online library, for those who don’t know, was founded by Brewster Kahle who is also on the Board of the EFF. They keep books online as well as web sites, and they run the Wayback machine, a great tool for finding older versions of sites online. (Want to restore from an older backup of your site that’s gone? Try the Wayback machine.) Anyway, Brewster’s a good guy who just wants to share information with people, so it looks like after 4 months and $10,000 in donated legal services, the FBI got off his back. It’s a good article. I haven’t spoken with my EFF buddies about this particular case, but I’m guessing they’re happy a precedent’s been set to show others that the Patriot Act induced loophole can be fought.