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Indiana Jones Predictable But Satisfying

Until a few years ago, Harrison Ford was always my favorite movie star to oogle and I still love his films, but at one point I realized he was much closer to my parents’ age than mine, so I reluctantly moved on… as does the series with the new film. However, I snuck away yesterday for a couple of hours’ break while in the midwest, feeling far removed from the wildfires. (We bought the tickets before the fire began or I probably wouldn’t have gone, but anyway, there’s not much we can do from here.) I really enjoyed the movie, but it was partly because I knew what to expect and partly because they knew exactly what to give their audience.

Anyway, the one spoiler I will give away is this: don’t be late for the movie or you’ll miss some great action and a lot of plot setup. Otherwise, there’s a Star Wars line, a lot of family fun, and of course bugs, snakes, and precious artifacts. It’s perhaps not as suspenseful as other films, but it does a really good job tying all of the previous films and characters in the series together. It’s fun that it’s set in the 50’s when Indiana Jones is older because it adds an element of American Graffiti to the picture. There are also some definite Spielberg moments mixed in. I won’t expand on that or I’d give them away. Anyway, it’s fun, surprisingly sweet, nostalgic and clever. And Harrison Ford still has his mojo at 66.