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During the year of 2000, I founded bcomfy, Inc., a for-profit California corporation with the developing business model to “ergonomize” the work place, i.e. provide an online software solution to make the modern workplace a healthier, more comfortable place.

bcomfy.com provided resources for helping injured and disabled individuals find comfortable, ergonommic solutions for their homes and offices. The bcomfy business model received some good feedback and the company was selected for that year’s Forum for Women Entrepreneurs eSeries where I was trained on how to grow the business successfully, along with my business partner, Emily Jennings.

bcomfy had great partners, advisors and early test customers showing there was a clear need for more attention to ergonomics in the workplace. A “huge problem”, Yahoo CEO Tim Koogle said at the time about the onset of repetitive strain injuries in high-tech companies.

Due to market timing and limited funding availability, bcomfy the corporation was closed at the end of 2000 and the concept was put on hold until 2007 when I decided to reinvent it as a blog but never really had the time to fill it out. bcomfy is not currently a for-profit venture. All posts on ergonomics are now moving over here.