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Great Sites for Becoming More Eco Responsible

I’ve been doing some research lately for an article and doing additional general reading, catching up on magazines, etc. and I’ve collected a list of some great sites for learning more about how to “go green”, save energy, become carbon neutral, etc… Here they are:

  • carbonfund.org – Nonprofit for carbon neutrality
  • climatecrisis.net – Al Gore’s site full of great info
  • terrapass.com – A commercial solution for becoming carbon neutral
  • realclimate.org – Scientific information about the climate problems
  • energystar.gov – U.S. Government’s program for labeling energy saving products and solutions
  • eere.energy.gov/ – Dept. of Energy – Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy program
  • nativeenergy.com – Renewable energy credits and offsets (also commercial) through new energy programs
  • hes.lbl.gov – Home Energy Saver calculator courtesy of Lawrence Berkeley Lab (home audits)