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Gary Hart’s Latest Book Tells Democrats to Grow a Spine

Released today, former Senator Gary Hart’s latest book, The Courage of Our Convictions: A Manifesto for Democrats, is full of nuggets blasting both parties for their ineptness. He challenges Dems to rise to the occasion in 2006 and 2008, refocus on the core principles that made the party strong – “commitment to the common good; internationalism; civic duty and participation; equality for all” and hold to their convictions rather than nearly always bending toward centrism.

See an excerpt at the Huffington Post. Hart writes: “security has become more intricate, and simply punching someone in the nose or unilaterally invading his country may not achieve it.”

I had the unique opportunity to work for Senator Hart in 2003 during his “testing the waters” campaign for President. He decided not to run, but during the six months I worked on developing the Internet campaign, I read and a lot of his writing and learned that this man – no matter whether you agree with him or not – is a brilliant scholar and prolific writer.