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Fashion Week Live, SF Luxe & Sergey’s Story

Yesterday, I attended Fashion Week Live in San Francisco. The mother of all fashion shows, it took my breath away. See my detailed post on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. SFluxe linked to my post and several other good ones as well. Great photos.

Just before the post above is one linking to a fantastic article about Sergey Brin (for those of you who have met him at my parties) that tells the story of his emigration from Russia which I found really interesting, having never felt comfortable asking about that myself. Even when you’ve heard the Google story a zillion times, this one is different – it reminds me of how scary the USSR was and how courageous those who fought to leave had to be. I’ve always admired Sergey for his tenacity, but this article, focusing largely on his Jewish roots, attempts to credit some of where it came from. And it cracked me up because my husband always runs into him at Costco.