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Expert Blogging Tips

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I was planning to post a meaty entry today commenting on the latest Diebold voting machines’ backdoor hype, but after I sent e-mail to friends and colleagues announcing this blog, one of the respondents was Cory Doctorow, co-author of Essential Blogging, whose advice I thought was more apropos:

Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 15:46:33 -0700
From: Cory Doctorow

Any sage blogging advice for a newbie?

* Write clear headlines, not funny headlines
* Write clear ledes
* Put the fulltext in RSS
* Use your blog as a memex and put everything interesting you want to refer to later on it
* Don’t feed the trolls

Thanks Cory!


  1. >The Cory Doctorow?Wow. Color me impressed. He’s a blogging legend.

  2. >I won’t say what I think about CD, but I will say that headlines should be funny if you are going to use them at all (I don’t). Funny draws people in, straghtforward often means that people say “that sounds dull” and they don’t read it.