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Exciting News for Hillary Clinton Supporters

Hillary supporters can be excited about a few things – first, Dianne Feinstein endorsed Hillary Clinton last week. In terms of powerful Democratic women and California, this is very significant. I got a tip a few weeks ago this was going to happen, but it’s always inspiring when it hits the news. I met Senator Feinstein once and found her to be both gracious and a good listener. Senator Clinton is fortunate to have her support.

Second, Hillary is actively leading on more issues I care about like disability rights and the environment. According to the ADA agenda on her web site, she believes “we must shift our orientation towards a new approach that helps those with disabilities thrive and reach their potential in the workplace, community and nation.” I wrote about this in yesterday’s post on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. Everyone needs a more flexible work place and I believe, based on factual anecdotes presented from former members of Senator Clinton’s staff, that she feels strongly about this and will push forward on the issue in office.

On the environment, families, and health, she’s reintroduced the Family Asthma Act to “improve our ability to examine the environmental pollutants that are linked to asthma.” It’s not just asthma that’s a problem – lower income families often live near toxic dumps and factories where all kinds of environmental pollutants get into the air and water causing cancer and now there’s some proof of links to autism. My father worked on environmental class action lawsuits and saw first hand what Erin Brokovich and others found was affecting hundreds of families. And for those who think this is not a key environmental issue, think again – how do you expect families who can’t afford solar power and new appliances to make changes if their needs aren’t addressed?

Third, Dana Singiser, Director of Women’s Outreach for the Hillary Clinton campaign put up a very nice post on her blog about visiting with us at BlogHer. I recommend everyone interested in women’s issues in this campaign – regardless of whether you’re a Clinton supporter or not – stay in the loop on this. We must rally women voters in the general election for whoever the Democratic nominee is. The women’s vote is so crucial, especially for the general election. And if you want to get involved for the primary and/or the general, drop me email. I’ll be providing more information about this on my blog and through an email list in the near future.